Limited Edition

Never Forgotten

The story behind this painting is very sad. I began this painting in April of 2016 not knowing why I had chosen to paint the sad faced little Caddo Native. One morning in the beginning of May I was watching the news and saw that an 11 year old Navajo girl had been abducted from her bus stop, sexually assaulted, then killed and left out in the Shiprock area. I was so shaken by the story and her picture that I retreated to my studio to cry. As I looked at the painting I had begun a month earlier I realized it was done for her. This would be dedicated to her memory and to all that have suffered this horrible fate. I placed an eagle feather in the little girls hand to represent Ashlynne Mike, the girl who had been murdered. Eagle feathers are most sacred to our native tribes so I felt this was an appropriate representation.

Image Size » H: 36" • W: 24"
Framed Size » H: 42" • W: 30"   

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