Limited Edition

Silenced No More

This painting was intented  to bring attention to the ever growing issue of unreported missing and murdered indigenous women and children on this countries reservation lands. Hundreds and thousands go missing every year or are found murdered and very little is done. The media isn’t reporting it, the police have little authority when it comes to tribal land and tribal police are not equipped to handle it. The hand print over her mouth represents those that have been silenced, those who no longer have a voice.  I’m intending to do a series of these paintings with the hope that it may open people’s eyes to the problems that are prevalent on the reservations . Change can only begin to occur through awareness. A portion of the proceeds of this painting will be donated to MMIW.

Image Size » H: 40" • W: 30"
Framed Size » H: 46" • W: 36"  

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