Maker's Mark

In 1992 I created a bronze sculpture of a famous saddle maker which became one of my signature and most successful pieces as well as one of my personal favorites. “Maker’s Mark” is a more complete version of saddle maker, Duff Severe, but it is half the size of the original “Finishing Touches”.  In this version, the saddle (which is a precise reproduction of one of his fancier saddles) is on a replica of the saddle stand that Duff used for over 50 years and he is depicted burnishing his maker’s mark.

 The Severe brothers, Duff and Bill, were considered by the Smithsonian Institute to be the finest saddlemakers in the country. The National Geographic also recognized Duff’s importance and featured him in both video and print, emphasizing that 90% of all bronc riders used Severe Brothers saddles.

 My impression of Duff was that of a genuine cowboy’s cowboy. It was a privilege to know him and to work with him. He truly is an important part of America’s western history.


H:18” • W: 12” • D: 10"

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