Precious Resources

  A group of Indians that we now call the Sinagua, which is Spanish meaning "without water", inhabited the northern Arizona area between 1100 - 1450 A.D. Their water resources were scarce and usually at a distance from where they lived for at least part of the year. They were very judicious in its use, teaching their other "precious resource,” the children, the value of this limited natural resource.

  The Sinagua were also very resourceful in the construction of their utilitarian needs such as pottery, basketry and clothing. They used native plants like yucca for sandals and baskets and grew cotton that they would weave into intricate patterned garments. It appears that they traded with the Anasazi for their more decorative pottery.

  Perhaps the global community can learn a lesson from the ancient Sinaguan culture in their respect and preservation of nature's most "PRECIOUS RESOURCES."

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H:21” • W: 15” • D: 13"

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