Pursuit of the Past

… So named because of its three-fold meaning to me.

   The first depicts the obvious action of an Apache renegade pursuing or being pursued by someone or something in a bygone era. The time period is about 1875, since the subject carries a new 1873 Winchester Saddle Ring Carbine. The Apaches were rounded up by the Army and placed on small, crowded reservations in a peacekeeping effort in the West. Unfortunately, the Indians suffered from hunger, sickness and maltreatment at the hands of some incompetent Indian Agents. As a result of the resentment and pent-up anger over their unfair treatment, a few strong spirited Apaches escaped the Government Reservations and became renegades.

   In their native surroundings those small bands of Indians were swift and strong with an uncanny ability to elude pursuers, to counter attack and to evoke fear in general. Many an Army Officer gained healthy respect for those whom they sought. Some, who underestimated the fighting qualities of the Apache, gave up their lives.

   History shows that while the Apache simply wanted to return to his former life of hunting and raiding as his people had done for generations, times changed, and hil lifestyle did not fit well with the new frontier. Therefore all his efforts to return to the days of old were merely a futile “PURSUIT OF THE PAST.”

   The third meaning has to do with my personal pursuit of authenticity. My research may take me to national, state and private archives, government documents, publications and personal interviews. All done because of my strong personal commitment to portray historical events and experiences as accurately as possible.

  This is the last piece in the edition of 30.


H:18” • W: 11” • D: 12"

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