Saddle Up

“Saddle Up!” is a ½ life-size bronze, 1900 era cowboy featuring turn of the century attire, bronze rifle and custom leather saddle, offering the striking combination of leather by Saddlemaker Bob Malan and bronze by Sculptor Clyde “Ross” Morgan.

 “Saddle Up!” gets its inspiration from John Wayne. When I was in Vietnam, John Wayne visited the troops on a USO tour and there were two memorable things about that visit. First, when shaking hands with the famous cowboy-actor, I felt like a little kid as Wayne’s hand was huge. And second, was his quote about courage: “Courage is being scared (to death) and saddling up anyway.”

This quote would prove to serve me well years later, when I made the fearful mid-life decision to change careers to become an artist at the age of 40.

H:36” • W: 18” • D:22"

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