"Man of the Mountains" Artist Reception for Dan Deuter

"Man of the Mountains" Artist Reception for Dan Deuter

Join us on Monday, February 18th @ 5:30pm for hors d'oeuvres & cocktails as we welcome artist, mountain man, and historian Dan Deuter to our showroom!

Buffalo Collection • 7044 East Fifth Avenue, Scottsdale, AZ

Dan Deuter was born on a 5,000 acre ranch in South Dakota. During the course of finding his way to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, Dan rode on horseback from Canada to Colorado. He has served as the director of the Fort Uncompahgre Living History Museum in addition to managing the Scenic Mesa buffalo ranch in Hotchkiss, CO. 

Dan’s experiences help set his paintings apart from all others. Canvas provides the bones and oil paint is the blood with which he paints his experiences. Every painting is an expression of the history he loves and has experienced. It is his legacy, past and future.  

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