Chief American Horse Entry Table

The innovative perspective of natural furniture design pays tribute to the notable chief and warrior of the Sioux Nation, Chief American Horse (c.1860-1870’s). His capture and death occurred after the historic Battle of Little Big Horn (1876). This distinctive sideboard commemorates the accomplishments and leadership of a respected man.

Utilizing a striking array of California hardwoods, repurposed metals, and meticulous carvings, Brad Greenwood's furniture embodies the design perception, hand-craftsmanship, and time-honored building techniques inherited from Old World craftsmen. From the carved bark edging to the featured carvings, every detail is painstakingly transpired.

A rock screen lampshade is hand-stitched upon a repurposed steel rod frame, and the additional amber accent lighting illuminates the featured carvings. Inside of each drawer is an original postcard style oil painting.

L: 60” • W: 20” • H: 33”


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