Limited Edition

He Watches Over Her

This painting has an interesting story behind it. While living in Utah, my husband and I helped natives suffering from alcohol and drug addictions. A young native man drove his mother late one evening to our home and asked if we could help her. She was a beautiful Hopi woman who was an alcoholic. The young man continued to remain in our home for a few weeks until he knew his mother was doing well enough to be on her own. He was such a source of comfort and devotion to his mother that I had to paint him and tell his story. He was a true warrior, protecting the matriarch of his family. I dressed him as a proud warrior with eagle feather head dress, bear claw necklace, and buffalo robe and called it "he watches over her".

Image Size » H: 24" • W: 36"
Framed Size » H: 30" • W: 42"  

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