Segmented Wood Platter

Dimensions28"diameter, 2" deep

About the Technique

The intricate patterns in these vessels are created by gluing thousands of separate segments accurately into position, a layer at a time, then refining the shape on the lathe. The artist only utilizes the natural colors of the woods. Precision is crucial in every aspect of the construction process. Each piece needs to be milled to exacting dimensions.

The pieces are finished with up to 12 coats of hand-rubbed tung oil. This provides a durable lifetime finish that should only be cleaned with a soft, dry cotton cloth.

About the Artist

Eucled Moore has been working with wood for over 26 years. Eucled began while living in Africa, where his father was a missionary. There was a woodshop at the mission where Eucled learned basic shop skills and turning from his father. Being the perfectionist that he is, he went on to refine the technique of segmented turning.

In 1989 Eucled began collaborating with fellow woodworking artist Marilyn Endres. It's the first time either had a long term working relationship with another artist. Both find the partnership to be very creative and stimulating.

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