Manifest Destiny II Desk

The Manifest Destiny II Desk combines a striking array of hardwoods with traditional Old World joinery and long-lasting design standards. From the carved “bark look” edging to the featured wildlife carving, every detail is meticulously transpired. The proficiency of meticulous joinery, composition, use of materials, and depth of concept mark the skills of Brad Greenwood.

Some interesting aspects of the desk include a unique light switch knob integrated as a part of the decorative molding. Additionally, the artist welded a lampshade frame from salvaged steel, which he covered with a stitched rawhide to create a Native American inspired shade that provides a lovely warm glow to read or write by. This artfully nostalgic light doubles as an accent light for the intricately carved wildlife scene. A unique secret compartment is built into the desk that is opened with a hidden mechanism requiring a combination of numbers to release the hidden section.

The center drawer makes use of eye-catching historic drawer pulls and is lined with a reprint of an 1871 wood engraving entitled, “Shooting Buffalo on the Line of the Kansas Pacific Railroad”.

L: 65” • W: 27” • H: 39” top of desk



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