Assayers Lamp

Brad Greenwood's innovative perspective of natural design brings forth a creative use of organic materials and renewable resources, as evidenced in this floor lamp that evokes images reminiscent of days gone by. He has skillfully refurbished an historic hand-cranked drill to provide aesthetic and functional purpose to the lamp. Cranking the drill handle will raise or lower the lamp support, which sets the handmade “governor” spinning atop the acme screw thread.

Beautifully finished hardwoods have been fashioned by the artist with a pulley and weight system to complete the functionality of the lamp. Likewise, the steel mesh lampshade is hand sewn onto a repurposed steel frame that has also been designed and constructed by the artist. A vintage style Edison bulb, controlled with a fine brass dimmer, optimizes a wide range of light settings.

The Assayer’s Lamp series is a throwback to an era when quality craftsmanship was the measure of a product’s worth.

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