Wild West Card table

This innovative adaptation of a conventional card table is designed with a nod to the vibrant Old West gambling lore. The artist Brad Greenwood's penchant toward surprising and entertaining details is not lost on this clever creation. He has extended the card table’s typical purpose to include a hidden “card cheaters” mechanism, intended to surprise and amuse family and friends. This clever and unique table is a real conversation piece.

This imaginative card table is created with an array of fine hard woods and topped with a beautifully figured white oak slab. Valued old-school woodworking techniques and longstanding design concepts ensure this table’s presence with withstand the test of time. Embellished with the carved imprints of bison skull silhouettes framed with traditional Adirondack style twig work, the master woodworker’s techniques bring forth an eye-catching and high-quality furniture piece.

L: 36” • W: 36” • H: 30”

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